Monday, May 10, 2010

More Dealey Deals

There are a few sites that I have come across that have great local deals.

I think this first one I have seen as an ad on this blog!
I have been a part of it for mmm...4 months or so.
It is called
You pick your city. (Philly for me)
You give them your email address.
And then they send you the "daily deal".

Groupon works like this:
they have a suggested deal
and enough people have to commit
for the deal to become "on".

Here is a list of recent deals that have happened.
I have never bought a deal from Groupon
but after life calms down a bit,
I plan on it!
Cheap meals, hotel stays, spa treatments...yes please!
And look how many people buy the deals!
I think the high sales speak for themselves!

The other site,
which I just signed up today for
is called
It is the same idea as Groupon
but the deal is always "on".
(although I have never seen a deal at Groupon not go "on")
Here are some of livingsocial's latest deals to check out.
It seems like less people know or like livingsocial
because less people are buying the deal each day...
but hey! worth a try! that wouldn't stop me!

So there's the scoop.
Let us know if you try it!

Happy cheap.goodness!

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