Friday, May 7, 2010

Free 4 x 6 Pictures

I never*ever*ever*ever order prints anymore since I've gone digital with my camera AND my scrapbooking however, when I saw this deal for 50 free prints from CVS photo 
(you can pick them up in store same day) 
I decided to sign up! 
I send my parents and my husband's parents pictures online and post them on my blog but my husband's grandparents only get sent pictures when we have them taken somewhere so I decided to take them on a picture tour of our house and what we do during the day so they can get a taste of our life even if they can't see it in person!
Need prints? Sign up for the fast, easy, free-ness and maybe if you can't use them there is someone else in your life that would benefit from some pictures of you and your cuteness =)

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