Sunday, May 9, 2010

CVS 5/9-5/15

Here's the plan:

Two Smart-Guard Deodorants: $2.69 each
Use $3/2 printable here
Receive $2 ECBs from each, so $4 ECBs total
Total: $1.62 Moneymaker!

Two Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste: $3.50 each
Use $1/2 from the 5/2 PG
Receive $3.50 ECB's from each, so $7 ECBs total
Total: $1 Moneymaker for two toothpastes!

Schick Hydro 3 Blade or 5 Blade- $8.99
Use $5/1 from the 5/9 SS
Receive $4 ECBs
Total: One cent moneymaker!

U by Kotex 18 count Tampons (or 40 count pads)- $4.99
Use $1/1 from the 4/18 SS or April All You
PLUS use the $1/1 from the CVS Coupon Center online here
This is a CVS coupon, so you can use it with the manufacture one!(I don't think all of the coupons on this page are CVS coupons, just the ones with the little CVS logo. Let me know if you find out differently!)
Receive $4.99 in ECBs
Total: $2 Moneymaker!

Lindt or Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars: $4 for 2 bars
Use $1/1 from the 5/2 SS
Receive $1 in ECBs
Total: $1 each!

So, let's review:
2 Deodorants- $5.38
2 Toothpastes- $7
1 Box of Girlie Needs- $4.99
1 Razor- $9
Two must-have chocolate bars- $4
Non-coupon Total: $30.38
Minus $12 in coupons
New Total: $18.38
Receive $20.99 in ECBs
So, for all that goodness, you just made $2.60! (*See reminder below)

*If you pass up on the chocolate, 
your total is $15.36 with $19.99 in ECBs, 
making your purchase a $4.63 Moneymaker! (*See reminder below)

A cashier never hands you money back. In these scenarios, you have made money in the sense that you are leaving the store with MORE ECBs then you came in with or with more ECBs then you paid in cash.
So if you did the above scenario with cash, you pay $15.36 (before tax) and the cashier will hand you $19.99 in ECBs for your next purchase.
Or you can use your ECBs from last week to pay for that $15.36 (before tax) and go out of the store with those extra ECBs*

Oh- and remember- you are always paying tax! You can't use your ECBs to pay for tax. But still, 7 cents on the dollar for all this freeness....I really can't complain! And of course, the tax is taken on your total AFTER you are only paying tax on your post-tax, pre-ECB-usage purchase.

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