Saturday, May 29, 2010

Acme Is Awesome.

If you would have asked me, before I discovered coupons, if I *liked* Acme I would 'a said HECK NO! Too Expensive!! 
But their catalina deals? 
Ah. Mazing.
Here's what you can get for $1.75 out of pocket (with $9 back) with coupons and rolled catalinas ($10) from last week:
This is two trips! My husband went once last night and I went once this morning. I think we now have a lifetime supply of salad dressing and cool whip (which I will be sharing with friends and loved once if they are interested!). 
If you're not into couponing I'm sure you're asking yourself--why in the world would anyone need/buy that much salad dressing/cool whip just b/c it's free/a good deal? 
Well my friends--it fits into my philosophy of couponing--Catalinas from grocery stores expire but you can *roll them over* or use them on new catalina deals to stretch the savings even further and during a week where there aren't any great deals we'll just use them up on things we are in need of. One of the biggest and best ways to save money is to use the store catalina deals to your advantage! With a little planning and a couple of extra trips to the store you can really stretch your savings. Yay!

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