Friday, April 16, 2010

Saving Statistics Continued....

1. I've been lax in posting my savings reports but we are still doing really well! This week at Shop Rite we saved a RECORD (for us) so far! Ready? We spent $76 and SAVED $80 and got a coupon for $2 oyno!! That's over a 50% reduction using coupons/sales etc! We *did* spend more than normal but we stocked up on some great sale items! 

2. Speaking of shoprite--have you heard of Shop Rite Family Rewards? If you go you can register your shopper's card and earn rewards! It was so simple--I created an account and in two weeks I already have enough for a free redbox rental or song download. I'm going to save up though because at 100 pts you can get $2 off your next order! Woot! Free, easy and they pay you to do it! Try it!

3. I've kept you updated on my drug store purchases and they are going well! Another thing that's going smashingly is my SWAGBUCKS! I've used $80 in Free Target Giftcards and $15 Paypal and NOW I am working on saving up cards for Amazon! I have $40 saved! I have my eye on a hammock...for relaxing...'cause that's my favorite! I have two trees in the backyard that are practically crying for one! =) That is a whole lotta freeness for just searching in the swagbucks toolbar for my email and facebook =) Yippee!
Search & Win

4. I've had a flood of rebates come in recently! It's very exciting! The only other plan I have on the horizon is to pay for my parent's to subscribe to their upstate NY newspaper and save me the coupons because their's are PHENOMENAL and ours are blah. =)

5. Any questions? Drop me a line at michellerose630(at)yahoo(dot)com ! 


  1. Ok, I'm definitely interested in the swagbucks. Can you explain how it works? I signed up, but now I don't know what to do. Thanks!

  2. i did not know this about shoprite! yay!!