Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drugstore Trips 4/11

CVS went really well for me today! No coupon issues, no mix-ups and they had everything I needed. Grand total for this picture?  
$1.69 with $10ECB back!
(some highlights include free CVS tp using $1 off CVS paper product from coupon printer (tp is 2/$1 this week) and free Cocoa Butter Sticks $1 off CVS skincare).
The picture below is both of my CVS trips-- 
Grand Total $4. 69 oop, 10 ECB back!
My Rite Aid trip was *good* but not *great.* 
They were out of the toothpaste I had planned on getting and rather than go to a different Rite Aid (all the rest in the area have horribly grumpy-coupon-resistant cashiers) I switched it up and got the Nivea lip care--so my total was $1 more because I didn't have a coupon for that. Boo!
Rite Aid = $13 (for Shower Cleaner, Nivea, Saline and Newspaper) with $9.99 SCR back.
Grand total for everything I bought today (after SCR and ECB) =
$2 made! and all this stuff.
Yay me. =)

**I SAVED a total of $98!!!!!**

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  1. it's crazy how much you save! If only I could be as awesome as my SIL!!