Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You will print this coupon if you are a smart one. (hint hint)

I erased all my edits for this post, because EVERY link I have posted, has changed to a $1 off of 5.

So, try going here:

and it will bring you to the link.

**It says "Warning- this coupon may be expiring" on the buxr site, BUT when I printed the coupon, the expiration date was the middle of April.**

If that is not working,
Google $5 off of 10 smartones
Find the site in your google search that starts with www.buxr.com and then it will show you where to click for the coupon.
This is the coupon I have been linking that has been messing up.
For some reason, when you first go through the buxr site, it works fine.

Sorry for the confusion!

This a niiiiice coupon (print two!)
Print ME for the love (lie!! don't print me! Follow above!!)

5 dollars off 10 smart ones.
I know, right?!?

I'm going to try it at Acme tomorrow to get the C.H.I.L.L. catalina ($10 oyno when you buy 10 participating freezer meals)

Here's what you can do:
10 smart ones at $1.88 = $18.80
Minus the amazing coupon above = $13.80
Get $10 in a catalina back!
So $3.80 for 10 meals!!

Here is what you can try (I say try because I'm not sure if it's allowed) to do if you have the 1/10 ss still:

I have a free flatbread coupon (1/10 ss) wyb 3 smart ones and a free breakfast coupon (1/10ss) wyb 5 smart ones. I am going to try and see if I can use these WITH the above printable coupon.

The amazingness would be:
$20.14 for the 10 smart ones (8 at $1.88 and two at $2.50)
Minus the $5 internet coupon and the free product coupons = $11.14
$10 in a catalina back.
So $1.14 for 10 meals!!

Either way, I will use the free coupons, even if it means buying the 10 meals to get the $5 off and throwing two more on to get the free meals.
Definitely worth a shot right?
I will let you know how it all works- I'm definitely curious.

Now, I'm just praying my acme takes my 5 dollar coupon. Because apparently they hate internet coupons lately. My dear friend was just told at her acme that none of the acmes are going to take internet coupons now. I'm hoping this employee was wrong. I will cry if they caught this horrible bug up here in Cinnaminson. We shall see.

So, just in case, I'm bringing my $3 off of 10 smart ones from the 1/10SS.

OH- and I have $15 in catalinas to spend! So hopefully I won't spend a dime tomorrow and will get another $10 catalina! THAT would be awesome. But there are so many "ifs", so we shall see.

This deal could be really good, really bad, or right in the middle.
I'm a bit nervous.

And since I eat my feelings,
time for a snack.

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