Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shelly's Saving Statistics

Here it is--another savings update hot off the press! I've been updating ya'll each week in an effort to show you that just a small change can make a HUGE difference in your family's spending! So....
1. I've moved on from just shopping at a cheaper store (Shop Rite v Wegmans) to shopping at multiple grocery stores....and by *multiple* I mean two--b/c unless more than 2 stores have PHENOMENAL deals I don't want to run all over creation for my groceries b/c our time has value too! This week we did Shop Rite and Acme and drumroll please.....spent $45 and SAVED $100!!! Isn't that amazing? Our deals included free deoderent, 19cent toothpaste, and 99 cent detergent at Shop Rite; six boxes free pasta, free lunchables, free cake mix and amazing inexpensive other stuff at Acme.
2. This week I also purchased $75 of sale-price items at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens for less than $8 and rec. $11 back! That included diapers, my sunday paper, and a million air wick =)
3. I heart !!swagbucks!! So far I have *cashed in* 3 $20 Target gift cards; 3 $5 Paypal Cards and 2 $5 Amazon cards!! I also earned cash back on all my purchases (at Ebay and Target) at Shop At Home so not only did I get the money for free-I made money for purchasing my items after clicking through from Shop At Home. Seriously? The freeness, I mean *the- getting-paid-to-shop-ness* is amazing.
4.  Last but not least, I monetized this blog a few days ago through Google Ads and Ashley and I have made a whopping $5 for writing what we would have written about for free =)

Questions? Comments? Write us! We want to help ya'll save money just as much as we want to save it ourselves =)


  1. How long do you spend every day figuring out deals, shopping online, etc.? It seems time consuming!

  2. Putting together my transactions for the drugstores (CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid) doesn't take that long--since I've been practicing a few weeks I can put a deal together in minutes-(about 10 minutes to figure out a transaction).

    Shopping with a plan is much easier for me than *winging it* which is what I used to do =) I'm spending less time in the store and more time planning my trip at home. I'm still practicing grocery store budgeting-

    -it took me an hour and a half last night to make up my grocery lists, compare store sales and organize my coupons-

    -but when I see the savings I feel it's worth my time--especially since I am a stay at home mom I feel like I am *making* money for our family and I like it. =)

  3. Wow I thought only my mom got deals like that at Rite Aid and CVS. I'm glad she does as it means I get lots of free shampoo and tooth paste!