Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Savings Statistics Week 5

I think the most interesting part of this whole *savings journey* I'm on is that it's completely changed the way I go about spending money. When a store has a catalina deal or when putting together a shopping strategy at the drugstores--many times you have to think outside of the box. I thought I used to save money by running to the store and ONLY getting what I *needed.* But when using coupons and taking advantage of the catalinas you need to BUY MORE to SAVE MORE. I'm spending less--by looking at not just what I need, but what I might need for the future--stocking my cupboards for less money than we were spending to barely fill them before.  
1. It's official. I'm in LOVE with catalinas! Acme--$50 of groceries for $13 with $10 cash back for our next purchase. Shop Rite--$79 of groceries for $45.
2. Swagbucks I just redeemed my second TARGET giftcard!!! Woo hoo! $40 free dollars at Target, earned in one month for searching the sites I already look at on the internet. It DOESN'T get easier than that!! And I'm already up to 1000 swag bucks--I can't decide if I want two $5 giftcards to Amazon or another Target! We'll see!
Search & Win
3.Shop At Home I ended up purchasing a few things for my birthday at Target and Old Navy online--I shopped through Shop At Home and earned a refund on my purchases! $25 back in rebates that I would have never gotten otherwise--and it's as easy as searching through their site for the places I want to go!
ShopAtHome Banner
4. I've filled out a ton of rebates this week, entered my receipts at Rite Aid for SCR, signed up for a bunch of freebies and FINALLY organized my coupons! I'll write more about this in my next post!
5. *DEAL* Idea--I bought Pantene (with some of my extra bucks and coupons from Sunday's paper) at CVS on sale this week. I spent 50cents (on tax) after bucks back and coupons (and rec. 2 more bucks back as well!). If you go to Pantene (dot) com you can request a refund of the price of the shampoo/conditioner--up to twelve dollars b/c they double refund you! It is limited to one per address but now I've gotten the shampoo/condition for next to free and I'll be getting a refund on (double) the price BEFORE coupons.
6. That's all for now! Enjoy the sunshine!!


  1. Okay, so here's the main thing I am too dumb to figure out- when you do a catalina deal, let's say Acme says "Spend $30 and get back $10" or whatever. Do you need to get $30 WORTH of products or do you need to actually SPEND $30??? This is why I am poor, BTW. Anything else takes brain power I am not capable of!! ;-)

  2. aw breezy-sorry for the confusion! you would need to spend the $30 BEFORE coupons/store bonus card savings. that's what makes the deals even sweeter =)

  3. (or should i say, $30 of products then take off your coupons and you'll still get the catalina)

  4. Really? Niiiiiiiiiiiice! ;-) I was so hoping that's what the answer was! Plus, now I an tell Pete that was right (he figured you had to SPEND the required amount) so double win for me!

  5. I went to the Pantene site and it looks like it's for if you're not satisfied with the product. Was there some other place you found that rebate?

  6. no sarah--that's it! it *technically* is for unsatisfied people but there is no sending back of the product--just getting a refund for what you paid for it. you could also do their other rebate--if you bought any of the john frieda this week on sale at rite aid you could send in that receipt (i think both receipts have to be from the same week) and they would pay you for the purchase of that other shampoo/conditioner if you like it better.