Thursday, March 4, 2010

Save Money At *Acme* RIGHT NOW! (2/28-3/4)

I blogged briefly about the catalina that Acme is running this week--spend $20 on General Mill's products and get $7 off your next shopping order. I've "rolled" this deal a few times (rolled = using a catalina to EARN another catalina) and just walked out of the store spending $1.50 out of pocket (oop) and saving $30!!
In case you're interested in getting this deal I'll go through what I did to earn it.
((You can find ALL of the coupons I used for this transaction RIGHT ONLINE HERE!!))
Trip 1: I glanced at the flyer and decided what I was going to buy before I left my house. I chose these items b/c I had coupons for them. 1 purchased 2 boxes of lucky charms, 4 boxes of fruit snacks, 1 instant potato, 2 boxes brownies = $20.
**Acme is great because they double coupons that specifically say *do not double* on them (up to .99)
the coupons I had: $1 off two boxes cereal, 2 $1 off 2 boxes fruit snacks, 40 cents off potatos, 2 50cents off brownies  
*****************for a savings of 5.80 = $14.20 oop. ******************************
**The machine printed off one coupon for $7 off my next purchase, one for $2.50 off my next purchase (when you buy 4 boxes of fruit snacks they reward you), and attached to my receipt was a survey which I could earn $2 for completing.
Trip 2: I purchased 4 more boxes of fruit snacks (for the extra catalina), 2 potatos, 2 bags cookie dough, 1 brownie mix, one cake batter, one frosting and one warm delights desert. (I chose these items again, b/c I had coupons for them--there are many items to chose from for this deal but the more you chose that have coupons the less you'll spend). I had 2 .50cent coupons for the fruit snacks, 2 40cent coupons for the taters, 1 $1 off cookie mix (found on brownie package), 1 40cent coupon off of cookie mix, 1 50cent coupon off brownie mix, 1 50cent coupon off warm delights, 1 50cent of cake/frosting purchase. When doubled it took nearly $8 off the purchase price. I then handed in my TWO catalinas--the one for $7, and the one for $2.50 AND my survey for $2 = $1.50.
***I also rec. another $7 coupon and another $2.50 coupon for a total money maker of $8.50!!
The great thing about this is that I could theoretically go back over and over again with my coupons and just keep getting nearly free food! I plan on doing this one more time and you will get different results based on what coupons/products you choose to buy. The next/last time I do this it will be about $4 b/c I won't have the phone survey coupon to hand in. With a little planning this was very easy. If you try it let me know!


  1. Ok, Michelle. You are amazing!!!! Thank you so much!! I have been *trying* the whole coupon/sale match-up stuff recently and have done pretty good on a few occasions, but just the past 2 weeks have really been working hard at it. It's really hard work! So I was ready to go grab a handful of deals at Acme this week, but I'm so glad I didn't go before I saw this because this post made it so easy to get a ton more stuff! My brain doesn't allow my eyes to see some of these deals when I'm working through the sale papers. I linked to this post in mine here
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. no problem!! i'm having so much fun saving money i want everyone to do it!! we rolled the acme deal FOUR times and brought home over $100 worth of groceries for $20. AH-mazing!!