Saturday, March 6, 2010


I tried a little experiment with coupons when my husband went to Acme tonight--if you buy 4 fruit snacks (betty crocker) they were printing out a $2.50 catalina. 
Well, they are on sale this week for $1 each, so we bought 4 boxes (to get the catalina). 
I had two coupons (from for 50cents off two boxes. 
After the double coupons, and subtracting the 2.50 catalina--they PAID ME 50cents to take away FOUR boxes of fruit snacks!!!
I don't know how long the catalina is good for--but it's a sweet deal! I've got fruit snacks up to my eyeballs now!

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  1. that's what happened to me on thursday. i went once and got 4 for the 2.50 catalina and went back later that night to do it again and noticed they were just putting the 10/$10 prices on for the sale that started yesterday and i was so excited! when i got home i realized they came up 10/$10 the first time too! so now i have 8 boxes and they paid me $1 to take them...except that my son lost the one 2.50 catalina! ack! =)